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Roses are Red….No, Thank You.

Bloom of A Shropshire Lad rose

Bloom of A Shropshire Lad rose

Today is Valentine’s Day.  But please don’t give me red roses.

I don’t know why exactly but red flowers are not my favorites. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any at all in my garden.  Don’t get me wrong – I actually love the color red. Were you to visit me, you would see lots of red in my house and I occasionally even wear red clothes.  But red flowers?  No thank you.

I much prefer the lovely pinks, yellows, oranges, whites, and….well, anything but red.  Go figure.

Like the beautiful rose in the picture above.  That is a David Austin climber called “A Shropshire Lad.”  I admit it, part of why I fell for it is the name – but isn’t it glorious?  There are a pair of them on the arch as one enters the garden from the back gate.

Standard version of the "Charlotte" Rose

Standard version of the “Charlotte” Rose

This is another David Austin (his really are my favorites), a standard version of a soft yellow rose named Charlotte.

%22Princess Diana%22 Rose ©Cackie Trippe McCartyThis is the beautiful hybrid tea rose, Princess Diana.  She was a gift to me from my mother the year after the real Princess Diana died.

The Gardener's Prayer with Heritage Rose

The Gardener’s Prayer with Heritage Rose

I think this is my favorite rose of all, David Austin’s Heritage.  I first planted one in  the garden of our first house many moons ago.  I’m now on my second one in this garden; the first one gave up the ghost after 16 years.

There are others as well but I’ll save pictures of them for another time.  Perhaps when I’m pining for the fragrance of roses on a sweet early summer evening.

So send me no red roses, please.  Although if you do, I’ll be ever so grateful for your thinking of me – no matter what the color.  I promise.  Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Roses are Red….No, Thank You.

  1. Emily paul on said:

    awww..I’m loving it!!


  2. Cherry on said:

    I agree. No reds for me! I’ll take the soft shades of pink and apricot, as well as the creamy whites!


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