Garden Reverie

Today is February 24th. So what?


April Delight – Hellebores in the garden

Two months from today – on Wednesday, April 24th – the garden will be open for Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

This is a big deal.  Billed as “America’s Largest Open House,” Historic Garden Week dates back to 1927 and has raised millions of dollars over the course of its history to save and restore Virginia’s historic public gardens.

This means that about a thousand or so people will be walking through my little patch of earth that day.  From all over the USA. Wow.

I’ve got a lot to do to get ready for the big day and no doubt it will be here before I know it.

Click here to read about the Wednesday tour of my neighborhood, Laburnum Park, which is co-sponsored by Historic Richmond Foundation and the Garden Clubs of Richmond.  That’s a photo of part of my garden at upper right.

I will be posting periodically about how things are going in the preparations.  My friend Edward The Strong and I are planning a new small garden space just off my newly created “garden room,” formerly the screened porch.  We will also be laying a new path to the entrance to the garden.  Not to mention planting and weeding and mulching and all that other garden stuff.

I think I’ll pull out some old pictures, too, so you can see what things looked like here when we moved in almost 18 years ago.  I don’t have a dishwasher yet but I sure do have a garden.  It’s been a labor of love.

I’ll be in the garden to meet everyone on April 24th.  I hope you will come visit me.

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