Garden Reverie

Sometimes Gardening Is Kind Of Gross

IMG_0754 - Version 2Today was hot as blazes here in Richmond but never mind that, today was also Wednesday which means it is Garden Day.  Edward the Strong-and-Without-Whom-I-Would-Not-Have-a-Garden comes bright and early for a few hours every Wednesday.

It was time to give the veggie garden some attention.  You practically had to beat your way into it with a stick so happy is everything from the super-duper Spring we have had here.  The weeds were having a heyday; the bolted lettuce needed yanking out and tossing into the compost pile; and it was past time to plant some corn.

So the picture above shows what I came away with this morning: the first tomato (!) and 2 lovely cabbages.  We have never had ripe tomatoes this early – it’s usually around July 4th and besides, I planted them late because it was so cold and wet.  This beauty is an heirloom called The Mortgage Lifter, and it was ready to be picked.  But not eaten just yet.  I noticed that the squirrels had already helped themselves to another tomato and I was taking no chances with this baby.  It will sit in the kitchen window til it’s perfect.

I planted 4 cabbage plants this Spring and 2 of them had pretty nice heads on them.  They also looked like Swiss cheese.  I am a mostly organic gardener and don’t like the thought of putting a bunch of chemicals on my food.  Besides, I am pretty lazy. So Edward says: “You better pick those two before the worm gets them.”  So, I go to pick them and see there is this sort of greenish slimy stuff around the base of the heads.  He says:” That’s worm poo.”   Worm poo?  Ewwwwwwwwwww.

By the time I was done picking the cabbages,  shucking them, and washing them off, I had worm poo all over me.  Ick.  Well, at least it’s organic worm poo.  Mr. Worm had apparently moved out to other quarters because I never encountered him.  I guess there is always something to be grateful for.

This reminds me of the one-and-only time I grew broccoli a few years ago.  It was so exciting when we finally got to harvest our beautiful, organic heads of broccoli!  Until we gleefully sat down to eat it and saw all the disgusting little steamed worms on our plates.  Gross.

This year my next-door neighbor gave me some broccoli plants.  I’m ready this time.  I found out that what you need to do is submerge the heads in water for a while.  Let’s hope this works because if it doesn’t I will be buying my broccoli at the store from now on.  Period.

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