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A Green Tree

"A Green Tree" ©Glittermoon  Cards 2013

“A Green Tree” ©Glittermoon Cards 2013

One recent morning, after a nice big rain, I went out into the garden and was bowled over by how beautiful this pink crape myrtle was, dripping all over the bench in Vinnie’s Garden.  It was all so lovely: the masses of cool, wet, green; the lichen on the furniture; and the gorgeous pink blossoms.

I beat a path back into the house for my camera and took a bunch of shots of this particular vignette.

I am currently designing some new cards for my Glittermoon Cards line and I really wanted to create a card with this scene on it.  I have been holding on to that lovely quote for ages, just until the right image came along.  I think this is it.  Do you like it?

I’ve got some other new ones in the pipeline, too.  If you are interested in seeing the new prototypes as they roll out, please pop on over to the Glittermoon Cards Facebook page and take a peek.  Thanks for visiting!

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    A Detour from Christmas, but I am in a garden mood right now!


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