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What Do You Get When You Cross a Pumpkin and a Gourd?

Apparently,  you get something like this.IMG_0894 - Version 2

I picked this yesterday out in the veggie garden.  Isn’t it wild?

I decided to call them “Gumpkins” because I think they look more pumpkin-ish than gourd-ish.  Besides, I liked the way that sounded better than “Pourd.”

Don’t ask me how this hybrid actually happened.  I’m no botanist but I suspect the bees had a part to play in it.  Some garden sex via cross-pollination.  Whee.

Kind of like what might happen if a dachshund hooks up with a labrador retriever.

Or not.

Here are the rest of the crop (so far).

4 Little 'Gumpkins' All in a Row

4 Little ‘Gumpkins’ All in a Row

These little ‘uns are from a different vine.  I think they are adorable.

And this is what that sexy big boy looks like in toto.

The Big 'Gumpkin'

The Big ‘Gumpkin’

I love that splash of almost-black on his top.  Very, very Halloween-y.

I bet my front stoop will be the envy of the neighborhood.


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6 thoughts on “What Do You Get When You Cross a Pumpkin and a Gourd?

  1. Awesome! They’re gorgeous. Do you think they’re edible?


  2. Beautiful! Love them all…


  3. I’ve been happily eating my spaghetti squash-zucchini hybrids recently. Strange little creatures too.


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