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September Is Here

I don’t need a calendar to tell me September is here.Autumn ClematisThe beautiful autumn clematis, (c. paniculata) is beginning its happy, rampant, and fragrant reign over the fence and anything else in its path.


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2 thoughts on “September Is Here

  1. Sharon Ryan on said:

    My neighbor has this and I love it, but have never known what it was – thank you for the info.


    • I love it, too, Sharon. But be prepared to be hacking at it all the time – it is a rampant grower. Perfect for covering up something unsightly in a short period of time. At our old house, there was an old tin “garage” in the back corner. We covered it with lattice and then I planted one of these. Within a year, it had rambled all over and made something ugly into something beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!


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