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I Played A Little Hooky Today

IMG_1007 - Version 2

Vinnie in his kingdom

And I just couldn’t help it.

Yesterday I finished a large and important commission that I had been working on for weeks.  I was really happy with the results and my client was, too.  I felt pretty good.

I should have been in my workshop getting ready for my big show in Atlanta next week.

But it was such a glorious morning and the birds were singing and the flowers were calling.  I had not had the time to just sit in the garden for it seemed like such a long time.  Plus we had monsoon conditions for about 10 days until this week.

So I took my tea and sat on the bench in Vinnie’s garden.  Bliss.

IMG_1008 - Version 2Here he is pumping away with ageratum cushioning his feet.  Sadly, it will be gone pretty soon – no doubt a frost will be here sometime in the near future and that will be all she wrote.  Until next year.

IMG_1009 - Version 2

Oh, and what a truly special gift is this?  A foxglove (possibly my favorite flower of all) sending up a bloom at an unusual time.  Thank you for making me catch my breath and stop to admire you.  You are so lovely.

IMG_1013 - Version 2The bees are still humming around the Black and Blue Salvia and the anemone.  That salvia has been blooming its head off since May.  What a phenomenal plant.  If you don’t have it – get it next year.  It was supposed to be an “annual” but this is its fourth year and it is going stronger than ever.  And that beautiful anemone is taking over the bed – but it’s too pretty to get upset over.

So, I played hooky for just a little while this morning.  And what a difference it made.

My soul feels full again.

And I am grateful.

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7 thoughts on “I Played A Little Hooky Today

  1. Lovely, lovely post. We are simpatico this week; I, too, just finished a major commissioned project and am so incredibly relieved. Thanks for the post, your encouragement to “take a break” is what I need!
    PS, notice the bee in your anemone??


    • Thank you, Pam! How nice to have a simpatico friend in this virtual universe (and the real one as well!). ANd ,yes, I did notice my little flying friend. it was a gorgeous day. Thanks for dropping by – don’t be a stranger. Cackie


      • And by the way, give those bunnies a rub for me! It’s funny – I actually was thinking about you this afternoon as I was driving home from errands….


  2. Ludwig Wittgenstein on said:

    I hope you were drinking something more than tea! A shame to waste a lovely morning! Reverie schmeverie! Where’s the bourbon!


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