Garden Reverie

• About Me and My Garden

“Reverie is not a mind vacuum.

It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul.”   

~  Gaston Bachelard

DSC_0092 - Version 3

A place for musings from and about the garden, mostly mine.  In a lovely old neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia USA.

I started this blog as a means for me to escape back to what makes my heart sing.  A sort of respite from life’s trials and tribulations if you know what I mean.

My name is  Cackie Trippe McCarty and I’m an artist – a photographer – with my own line of greeting cards.  I also make wreaths, topiaries, and other things from vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations.

If you are so inclined, please visit my websites: Glittermoon Cards and Glittermoon Vintage Christmas.  You can also find Glittermoon on Facebook. Stop by my Pinterest page to see what sorts of things inspire me.

Thank you for stopping by!  The garden gate is always open.

3 thoughts on “• About Me and My Garden

  1. I am also a gardening fan… mostly veggies. Glad I stumbled on your blog through the weekly photo challenge.


    • Well, thank you! I am glad you stumbled across me, too. I am increasignly frustrated by my veggie garden – last year it was pretty much a total bust, mostly due to the critters (yes, even in an urban setting we have ’em). We shall see what this year brings. Cackie


      • Veggie gardens can be difficult for sure. I’ve had good and bad years, mainly dir to weather. Some veggies like the hot dry weather and others like the cold damp weather. It’s a constant battle.


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